Saturday, January 9, 2010

Race Faces...

It's like going in to class to take an exam: some people show up in their sweats and haven't showered for days because they've been cramming, and others show up perfectly primped. I'm not generally that perfectly primped girl, I'm completely happy in my yoga pants on the weekend but I make that extra effort for Saturday night. I also make that extra effort for race day. Yes, although I barely wear make-up on a daily basis and don't even own cover-up, I show up to that start line with perfectly done eye-shadow and mascara and know that at that finish line no matter how I perform at least I will feel good. Some may think its totally silly, but it's one of those small strange habits that we runners have to keep the sport interesting. Do you have any race day habits?

Today the "race faces" that really made me happy were those of my two good friends who ran their first NYC race and first race ever! Five miles of central park in 20 degree weather which "felt like" 7 degrees according to made them not only winter warriors but obsessed runners. I couldn't be prouder of both of them and we'll celebrate at dinner tonight; most definitely with some bubbly in store!

As for my own race day face in YSL mascara, it lead me to my 5 mile PR! Spring marathon, get ready because I'm coming for you...


  1. Let's not forget to add 8am race on a Saturday morning. So proud of us and so proud of your personal record! Nothing short of amazing as always.

  2. Great job!!, sometimes you need to pimp yourself for the training or race day to keep the motivation up. One of the things that keep me motivated is to have a new running t shirt on the race day. That helps keep the motivation up!!

    Good blog,