Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Race...

I saw the neon yellow Nike lunar glides and the bright purple shorts ahead of me for the first 2 miles. It slowly moved further and further away from me until it was no longer in sight and I couldn't keep pace. I crossed the 4-mile finish line in record-breaking time (for me). A brunch party followed the race to reward ourselves for waking up and racing 4 miles in 20-degree weather. There he was at the brunch, the amazing 8th grader that took me like the wind.

So most people ran their first races back when they were in middle school, maybe high school, and at the very least, maybe college? I ran my first race almost 3 years ago, on February 24th, 2007 at the young age of 25. It was a similar 4-mile race but in Central Park. Almost 3 years later and I've managed to cut off almost 3 minutes per mile! But it wasn't always that simple. I owe my first race and my first run ever to a fantastic coworker! She barely knew me and asked if I wanted to run a marathon with, absolutely not! Low and behold, she ran that 4-mile race with me, carried my extra layer of clothing when I got too hot, and encouraged me through each mile as I thought I wanted to quit. She too was nervous I couldn't finish it; she was pushing me to a 10 min mile which at that point was really just out of my range. I didn't make that 10 min mile, but I won anyway - I crossed the finish line. I knew then that I could do it. I could run, I would have the support of the running community, and I if I was determined, I could do anything.

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