Thursday, February 4, 2010

As blind as it gets...

As usual, I was fast asleep at 3am on Saturday night, planning on waking up at a decent hour to run on Sunday morning when I was awoken by a text message, as I'm a super light sleeper: "Boy X his number is .... call him, I think he'd be good for you!"

I woke up in the morning and had totally forgotten about this middle of the night text message (or I probably just thought I was dreaming). A few days later it popped into my head and I checked my phone - my friend really had sent me this message. So I called her to find out what was going on. She had been out on a Saturday night at a club in NYC when she met a gentleman that she thought could be perfect for me, so of course being the amazing friend that she is, she went over and told him all about me and got his phone number.

I texted him later that week, "Hi my friend met you last weekend and thought we should meet, if you're interested, I'm Antonia." Before I knew it, we had a date set up for last night. Yes, I do take some days off from running! (But I do think this hobby makes it really hard to find someone compatible, do you find that?) And to be quite honest, in a way this is a similar mental game to that of running... being fearless and meeting someone I had no information about, and taking a chance. Racing and running in my eyes is the same. Every time you go out there, you don't know want to expect. You could have a great day and blow your run out of the park or sometimes it just doesn't happen, but you always have to try.

With that in mind, I ran home from work, quickly changed into a little black dress, let down my hair and out the door I went to meet him. It couldn't have been a more pleasant blind date. He was absolutely charming, ordered me a glass of wine before I got there, and in true gentleman form, he walked me home. We spent an hour and a half getting to know each other and hopefully not scaring him off that I'm a marathon runner and a domestic goddess, or rather just one who loves to bake!

Today brings me back to the running and a great way to think about life and what I really want. Those cold brisk runs in the park where it's just you and your sneakers. Hoping he calls for round two!


  1. Love this! Good luck can't wait to hear more:)

  2. so nice! :)